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Kontio - rank 25 Black Orc Empty Kontio - rank 25 Black Orc

Post  kontio on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:52 pm

My real life name : Roope

My gender : Male

My age (Must be 15 or older to join) : 16 soon 17

My Location : Finland, Espoo

My hobbys: skiing, comuters, air soft Wink

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth because : I want to play with people who understand about game and aren't just some randoms. I'm getting enough of random groups where tactics are impossible to make like in capturing keep and I have heard that in this guild are lot's of high lvl people so there wouldn't be lack of active players to keep claiming or something else.

You general online time on a week basis : normal day around 4p.m-12.pm and weekends random - 3a.m. I play most of the time when I don't have skiing training or school works, so mondays and fridays i can't be active.

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth with: Kontio , lvl 25 Black Orc, got random quest gear atm, but will be leveling fast to get rank 40 gear.

I use ventrilo : yes

What do you want from the guild and what do you give to the guild : RvR, Keep claiming, Dungeons, Lairs, and enything where you need lot's of people to play with. I can give my shield to protect and my weapon to swipe every order player. I have played Guild Wars (all expansions), WoW (BC, Kara), Diablo 2 Very Happy. I will be joining all activity in guild, I don't do enything brainless when some give orders.

edit: got rank 25


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Kontio - rank 25 Black Orc Empty Re: Kontio - rank 25 Black Orc

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:08 pm

Hi mate.

We welcome you to LoN guild and hope you will have a great time whit us Smile

just /tell an oficer for an invite

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