Drtina - rank 40 Squig Herder

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Drtina - rank 40 Squig Herder Empty Drtina - rank 40 Squig Herder

Post  drndara on Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:30 am

My real life name : Aleksandar Saša Miladinović

My gender : Male

My age (Must be 15 or older to join) : 29

My Location : Šabac, Serbia

My hobbys: Games, Drawing, Books, Music, Basketball

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth because : I'm looking for new home, guild with more active people to have fun with and enjoy good laugh.

You general online time on a week basis : 8pm - 1am

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth with: (char name , class , and more info) Drtina r40 rr41 Squig Herder - 3/5 Annihilator set (200alc/200scav) - some blues and rest greens, nothing fabulous. As altoholic have also - Drndara 2x Black Orc; Drnda 1x Shaman; Crni 2x Zealot(200cultiv);
Danguba 1x Disciple of Khaine; Senka 1x Witch Elf; Wildthing 0x Black Guard; Dripica 1x Sorcerer. Planing to have new Choppa probably as main when i get with it to 40.

I use ventrilo : (y or n)- Yes i use ventrilo

What do you want from the guild and what do you give to the guild :
New home - want place where i can communicate and play with people as i mentioned above. Place to belong and be part of its community and crew. Some players i know (Neobee, Raziell, Mistrija) are in LoN.
What can i give to the guild ?
Good and dedicated player.

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Drtina - rank 40 Squig Herder Empty Re: Drtina - rank 40 Squig Herder

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:38 pm

We welcome you to LoN mate just send a tell for an invite Smile

look forward to run whit you mate and i hope you will file home Smile


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