Theonor - Rank 17 Sorcerer

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Theonor - Rank 17 Sorcerer

Post  Theonor on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:22 am

My real life name : Akis

My gender : Male

My age (Must be 15 or older to join) : 27

My Location : Greece/Mytiline

My hobbys: Pc games, Beer, Football (AEK ftw), tennis, martial arts, reading fantasy books

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth because : I want to join a nice guild and i have some friends (behmoth) that tell me that this is a good one... oh and for the whaaaaag

You general online time on a week basis :about 15+ hours

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth with: (char name , class , and more info) Theonor rank 17, sorcerer

I use ventrilo : (y or n) not now but i can start...

What do you want from the guild and what do you give to the guild : I want to have some friends to play with cus i really like this game and i think i can be a decent damage dealer...


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Re: Theonor - Rank 17 Sorcerer

Post  Elvic on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:52 am

We have seen the application and will look into it asap. You will be noticed here or ingame when we have talked about it in the officers team.



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