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Post  Elvic on Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:10 am

We are a new started guild for the single purpose of playing War. We are a bunch of people that have played together in other online games such as Wow or DAOC, or even know eachother in real life. We decide to make this guild for the purpose of fun and camaraderie. We also to play to improve and for winning, but never at the expense of losing the camaraderie and good spirit which the guild were founded in.

In game we are a casual guild, but serious when we play. We strive to be a RvR guild mostly, but A good PvE run is never out of the question. We what to be a guild that help eachother out, so we encourage group play more than solo. All members will help out if help is needed, and all members knows the help comes free not a favour owed. This way we become a strong group that will be feared throughout the enemy realm. So in the end be helpful its just a game the camaraderie is bigger and more important than a sword.

We donít accept under no circumstances cheats or any bugs exploits if discovered it will result in immediately exclusion from the guild, as we strive to play fair and in the spirit of the game.

Do you see anything that fits on you, also have a look on our website www.lordsofnaggaroth.com


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