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Post  Example on Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:38 pm

Well the great and mighty lord's has drawn up some guild rules and a charter and have posted it here before it goes live to gain some feedback.

Guild Charter for WAR

The guild represents a gathering of people who want to be part of a good natured and fun group, who help each other out.

The guild and its members come first.
For PVE we share items and loot, help each other with questing/farming/powerlevelling. We remember items in game are just fragments of data so being generous is a gift not a favour owed.

In RvR we play to win.

We dont subscribe to "Hey that's my dwarf and only i get to kill him". As a guild we do not watch members of our own race die if we are able to help them. As this is a game of realm or racial warfare it is no holds barred.

If any guild members wants to watch enemis kill their realm mates or have a cosy cross realm chats on voice or chat servers thay should join another guild.

We often help those of other guilds or people who need assistance regardless of guild status.

We don't allow members to have memberships with several guilds, It is just us or others please.

The guild rules.

These rules are generic to any game we play on as a represented guild.

1. We play fair - we don't cheat or exploit bugs.
2. We are courteous - We are helpful and respectful of others in the game world.
3. We play for fun - we joke, laugh and enjoy the camaraderie.
4. We are friends - in real life, in game and in character.
5. We are a by invitation and recomendation guild only.
6. We all contribute to the guild resources and they are shared amongst the members.
7. We help guild members first and formost.
8. We always group together, invite or make room for guild members.
9. We never bring the name of the guild into disrepute.
10. We play collaboratively and to the spirit of game.

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