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Neobee rank 40 Withc elf Empty Neobee rank 40 Withc elf

Post  Neobee on Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:38 pm

My real life name : Dejan

My gender :male

My age (Must be 15 or older to join) :28

My Location :Serbia/ Pancevo

My hobbys:snowboard, warhammer table (Vampire Counts)

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth because :My RL friend is in guild, and i need more ppl to play with Wink

You general online time on a week basis :i work in shifts so iam usually online every second day from 17h-02h, and on other days 23h-02h and sometimes in the morning Wink)

I want to join Lords of Naggaroth with: (char name , class , and more info) Neobee rank 40 witch elf, i have few annihilators and few sentinel parts of set, also got daggers from epic quest (Frenzy/Nightfall combination)

I use ventrilo : (y or n) Y

What do you want from the guild and what do you give to the guild :i need some action, i only need ppl to play with, rvr of raiding dungeons, i am expirienced player, played wow hardcore for 2.5 years ( thats when i was youger had more time to play) i think i can help guild to prosper Wink


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